Communications Crossroads: Enhancing the Internal Communications Role of Middle Managers in Mortgage Industry Mergers and Acquisitions

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Capstone Project


Organiz. & Prof. Communication

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Master of Professional Studies


Organiz & Prof Communication


Karen Morales


Capstone, Internal communications, Jason Karpf, Mergers, Acquisitions, Middle managers, Mortgage industry


The mortgage industry has faced unprecedented changes and pressures in the past several years. Mergers and acquisitions have been a noted trend in the industry as company leaders seek to sustain their endeavors through the increased resources and economies of scale that M&As promise. However, a majority of mergers and acquisitions fail across all industries, attributable to a lack of corporate integration which is often traced to shortfalls in internal communications. Middle management is an underutilized resource in fostering effective communication to support M&As. This Capstone project proposes an enhanced communications role for middle managers in mortgage industry mergers and acquisitions, supported by primary and secondary research and demonstrated in a hypothetical communications plan.

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