Training program on Organizational Development Skills for Human Resources Managers in India

Date of Award


Document Type

Capstone Project


Organiz. & Prof. Communication

Degree Name

Master of Professional Studies


Organiz & Prof Communication


Donald Anderson


Organizational development, organizational change, Training, India; Organizational Development in India, ; OD in India, Training in India, Comparison between OD in the U.S. and in India


The aim of this capstone project is to design a training program for Human resource (HR) managers in India; to help them understand the necessity of Organizational Development (OD) and the required skill sets for successful implementation. OD in developing countries like India depends on the cultural context and economic development. The training program would is a combination of my past experience in India and my learning outcomes of OD in the United States. It will be a combination of the best practices used in the United States and in India. This training program will benefit the HR managers of entrepreneurial organizations to bring about the desired changes through planned effort and detailed knowledge.

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