Tear It Out! A Program That Recycles Unused Notebook Paper

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Capstone Project


Organiz. & Prof. Communication

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Master of Professional Studies


Organiz & Prof Communication


Grover White


Unused notebook paper, recycling, sustainability, donation, Tear It Out; Marketing plan, feasibility study


Many families in the Denver area are not able to afford school supplies and schools are often forced to supply basic items such as notebook paper to students. This continual assistance can become burdensome and costly for schools. This paper proposes and tests the feasibility of an organization, named Tear It Out! - that recycles unused notebook paper to schools and students in need. The paper uses three different methods to assess the feasibility of such a program and to evaluate the most effective ways to market such a program: 1. A market study in which unused notebook paper was collected at the University of Denver and distributed to two grade schools in the Denver area. 2. A survey of parents of grade school students to assess attitudes toward contributing to and/or otherwise supporting such a program. 3. Interviews with school administrators, students, and the sustainability coordinator at the University of Denver. The results are positive and suggest that, if marketed properly, such a program is feasible in the Denver area. Based on the research findings, the paper also includes a marketing plan that would convert Tear It Out! from a pilot project to a sustainable, nonprofit organization.

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