Sustainable Growth through New Urbanism Efforts: The Need for Government Regulated Criteria

Date of Award


Document Type

Capstone Project


Environmental Policy & Mgmt

Degree Name

Master of Applied Science


Environmental Policy And Management


John Hill


Community Design; Developers; Green Space; Infill; New Urbanism; Principles; Regulated Criteria; Smart Growth; Sustainable Growth


This project examines the underlying environmental factors associated with the original New Urbanism design goals and actual New Urbanist community development. The research compares the environmental consequences of New Urbanism and sprawl, and determines if the New Urbanism approach should be addressed as more sustainable than sprawl. The project gives quantitative measures for how much more or less sustainable the urban design is than sprawl. An analysis offers insights about how and why the numerical scores were given. The findings illustrate the need for local governing bodies to work with the Congress for the New Urbanism and Smart Growth America to establish best practicable guidelines for New Urbanism construction which maintains the environmental protection objectives of the community design approach.

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