Viable and Preferred Alternatives to Plastic Bag Usage in Colorado

Date of Award


Document Type

Capstone Project


Environmental Policy & Mgmt

Degree Name

Master of Applied Science


Environmental Policy And Management


Kenneth Knox


alternatives to plastic bag use; case studies of Australia and Ireland; Colorado plastic bag reduction policy; Colorado reduction of fossil fuel usage; economic alternatives to plastic bag use; plastic bag reduction policy; plastic bag reduction strategies; Plastic bags -- Environmental aspects -- Australia; Plastic bags -- Environmental a


Manufacturing, transportation, distribution, recycling, community cleanups and waste disposal of plastic bags have significant socio-economic costs that are ultimately absorbed by society. Plastic bags represent material waste in society and are an obvious source of litter in the marine and terrestrial environments. Ireland and Australia have sought to minimize the impacts of plastic bags, address fossil fuel resource consumption and clean up their country's environments. Ireland legislated the Plastic Bag Environmental Levy in 2002, while Australia currently utilizes a voluntary plastic bag reduction program. This Capstone Project examines Ireland's and Australia's plastic bag reduction strategies, captures those elements that are successful and provides tangible aspects that will direct the implementation of a successful plastic bag reduction policy in Colorado.

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