Qualitative Analysis of Educational Information for Patients Seeking Infertility Treatment

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Capstone Project


Healthcare Leadership

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Master of Professional Studies


Healthcare Leadership


Michael Campo


Infertility, Infertility treatment, Infertility treatment awareness


Infertility is a medical condition that lies dormant until reproduction is attempted. Issues concerning infertility can be stressful for couples whose goal is to produce a healthy child. Infertility can lead to extensive evaluation and expensive treatment. With the ability of science and medical technology to identify and treat possible causes of infertility, it is becoming easier for infertile couples to conceive a healthy child. However, there is significant risk for side effects as well as secondary effects which may be harmful to patients, relationships, and children. Medical procedures can be physically invasive, emotionally stressful, and financially demanding and can put significant strain on relationships. Many couples begin infertility treatment such as In-vitro fertilization without researching the social issues and medical complications associated with such treatments. Persistent failure in conceiving a child can erode a relationship. In this study, interviews with women who have undergone infertility treatment and with various providers in the Southern Colorado region, supported limited availability of infertility education and support systems. This study examines the importance of the availability of educational resources to couples while seeking various infertility treatments. Results of this study support the importance of educating couples before undergoing infertility treatment.

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