Quality Improvement Initiative: A Strategy to Increase Medical Professionals' Support on Patient Portal at a Specialty Clinic

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Capstone Project


Healthcare Leadership

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Master of Professional Studies


Healthcare Leadership


Jeffrey Helton


Patient portal activation rate, Patient portals


Patient portal is a federal government-promoted care management concept and application that will enhance care work efficiency and collaboration between patients, caretakers, and medical professionals between office visits. However, portal associated workflow adjustments have been identified as a barrier to earn medical staff endorsement at a pediatric specialty clinic. The purpose of this quality improvement (QI) project was to examine if introducing an in-person assistance program would increase medical staff's support and begin promoting portal to their patients. In this four-week project, a total of 26 portal accounts were activated. The post-project portal activation rate increased to 19.6% from 15.9%. The project result demonstrated that medical professionals were willing to promote patient portal when portal associated workflow adjustments were eliminated.

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