How Health ATM Cards Will Empower Patients and Providers


Yoseph Daniel

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Master of Professional Studies

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University College, Healthcare Management


Healthcare Leadership

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Donald Halloran


Smart card, Health ATM Card, Health Information Technolog (HIT)


Health Information Technology (HIT) can improve healthcare and increase the availability of information for both clinicians and patients. HIT can be a vital tool in decreasing medical errors, healthcare costs and provide timely information. This paper shows how a Health ATM Card can provide convenient, practical and cost-effective ways of exchanging healthcare information while protecting privacy and security of patient data. This technology can be vital to saving time, cutting healthcare costs and preventing medical errors thus saving the lives' of many people. The research findings show that health ATM cards facilitate better patient care management and make patient data and clinical information available in a matter of seconds

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