Performance Management: Can Coaching Result in Improved Employee Satisfaction and Motivation?

Date of Award


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Capstone Project


Human Resource Administration

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Master of Professional Studies


Strategic HR Management


Audrey Sevalt


Coaching, Employee motivation, Employee satisfaction, Performance mangement


The goal of this project is to determine whether or not coaching, as a part of performance management, results in increased employee motivation, ultimately impacting employee performance. Teletech's customer service group was a case study where their effectiveness of performance management through coaching was analyzed. The data for this research was gathered from interviews of two of TeleTech's managers, and an employee survey created by the author. The results reveal that most participants felt more motivated after their coaching sessions, changed their behavior based on feedback during coaching, resulting in improved performance. Therefore, the results of the project show that regular coaching, as part of performance management, results in improved employee satisfaction and motivation, resulting in increased productivity.

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