Development of a Strengths-Based Model for Insurance Automobile, Property, and Casualty Claims Operations

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Capstone Project


Human Resource Administration

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Master of Professional Studies


Strategic HR Management


James Krefft


Human resources, Insurance, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Personality types, Strengths-based


ABSTRACT \ Employers know that to have a successful organization, they must have the right people in the right jobs. But how will they know whom to place where? The development of a model based upon an individual's personality traits and strengths, and how to best use them, is a good place to start. Employees working in positions in which their traits and strengths are maximized enjoy work more, are more efficient, and are less apt to be absent or to look for work elsewhere. It is a mutually beneficial process of selection for both employers and employees. This model illustrates the process in an automobile and property insurance claims operation through utilization of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicators and the StrengthsFinder Profiles.

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