Capstone Projects from 2013

Ì lves: Genetic Revolution, Anthony James Focht

The Development of Creativity in Third Culture Kids, Sunny Kristine Murphy

Lessons of Loss, Lynda Anne Ricketson

On Becoming a Working Visual Artist: Opportunities and Challenges Along the Path, Manlin Zhang

Capstone Projects from 2010

Tower of Whitecliff, Scott Allen

Anyone's Child, Don Auman

A Wretched Soul, Bruis'd with Adversity: Short Stories of the Marginalized, Dwayne Barton

The Matter of the Fae, Scott Benenati

Dark Little Places: The Saving of Adele and Other Short Stories, Ryan Bernstein

Homecoming and Other Stories: Examining Truth in Fiction and Nonfiction, Amy Dressel-Martin

A Narrative Guidebook to the Arkansas River, Jodi Francis

A Memoir: Kluski to Matzah, Laurie Greenberg

An, Beth Grotteland

A Return to Little Things: Stories on Motherhood and Mistakes, Lianne Heffelman

Always a Sentinel, Brian Hernandez

Jump, Sheri Lindeman

Slim Styles and the Brothers of the Light, Christopher Massenburg

Lost Girl: A Novel, Kathryn Mayer

The Jerusalem Question: Keys to Lasting Peace, Cassi Meyers

One Little Red Bird, Nancy Moseley

How Does the Denver Public Library System Respond to Its Customer's Requests for Global Information?, Jane Nielsen

Investing in Energy: Investing in Peace, Courtney Pailing

Holding Back the Tide: 0-16 and Other Stories, Steven Porentas

Last Words, a Play and a Critical and Creative Reflection, Kimberly Savage

Diamonds Down Under II: An American Walkabout, Mark Sharpe

Racism, Poverty, and Family: What Children Can Learn from Reading Bud, Not Buddy, Julie Stundahl

The Power of the Placement of Public Sculpture, Terrie Taziri

The Lie That Tells the Truth: Creating Truth in Fiction and the Novel Delivering Hope, Amy Tracy

Capstone Projects from 2009

Addressing 30: A Timeline—Reflections on Creating a Poetry Chapbook, Rachel Barbe

An Unchosen Life, Carrie Bisantz

Samurai Son and Exploring Cultural Myths Through Fantasy Fiction, Margaret Bonham

Growing Up Greek in America: Five Vignettes Reflecting on an Immigrant Family's Assimilation and Acculturation into Boston Culture in the late 1940s, Fay Coulouris

The Way to the Way, a Philosophical Journey Through Poetry, Erika Deshay

The Merida Initiative: A Flawed Agreement, Deborah Engle

Savin' Grace, Marva Farris

Grand Theft Auto & Other Stories, Laura Fonda

An Independent Art Movement: The Independent Artist, Community Television, and the Age of Information, Matthias Gautreaux

The Breslau Revolution, Robert Hawkins

The Brightest Hour: An Imaginal Investigation of Light, Joel Jacobson

J.R.R. Tolkien and Joseph Campbell: Parallel Paths to Myth, Barbara Kopas

Come What May, Lizzie Jane: A Story of Loss and Hope Cultivated from Unresolved Family Mysteries, Deborah Lowrance

A Time to Heal: Explorations of Grief in Poetry, Katrina Lowry

The Sandbox, Thomas Obarski

Cold, a Novel, John O'Keefe

Buried Truth, Lee Overcamp

Use of Globalization Framework for K-12 Education, Adams Five Star Schools, Thornton, Colorado, Michael Pettersch

Sucking Green Tamarind Dipped in Sizzling Wood Ashes, Patricia Reid Harris

Save the Planet: Buy Organic—the Role of Consumers in the Sustainable Agricultural Movement, Shannon Roybal

Looking Back: A Granddaughter's Quest for Redemption and Understanding, Jessie Santala

Dragon Tears: Highlighting the Christian Salvation Message Through the Use of Allegorical Fantasy Fiction, Nancy Segovia

Denmark's Language Integration Program: A Model for Social Policy, Don Stevenson

Afghanistan's Democracy: A Work in Progress, Mariam Tarzi