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Winter 3-18-2022

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Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Psychology


Fast fashion, Environment, Economics, Outsourcing, Pollution, Waste, Health, Agroecology, Slow fashion

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Economics, College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences

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Chiara Piovani


Fast fashion has been around for longer than the world can remember, after all, there has always been a need for clothes. Nonetheless, it has not been until the past 50 years that fast fashion has become a titan within the industry. Many consider it to be the golden child of fashion with its low production costs, mass retailing, and low prices reaching consumers of all socioeconomic levels. However, the realities of this industry – specifically pertaining to the environment, economy, social sphere, and public health – reveal a different story, of injustice. After discussing the history and rise of the fast fashion sector, this paper plans to go into depth on just how inequitable fast fashion is in terms of social imbalance, the environment, economy, and public health. Toward the end, this paper will discuss how this problem is much like one that was faced in the agriculture sector, allowing for a more sustainable and equitable solution to be provided over the current “slow fashion” solution the world has today.

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