About Institutional Repositories

Digital Commons @ DU is the Institutional Repository for the University of Denver. The purpose of this system is to bring together all of the University's research, scholarship, and creative works under one umbrella, with an aim to preserve, provide access to, and showcase those works.

Digital Commons @ DU functions as both an archive of previously published works and as a publication platform for journals, book series, student works, and other works not published elsewhere.

General Guidelines and Copyright Information:

  • We collect works authored, edited, or otherwise contributed to by DU Faculty, Students, Staff, and Community Members.
  • We do not collect works created in a personal capacity, unrelated to the research, scholarship, or creative output of the University.
  • Student works must be verified by a Faculty member before submission.
  • We are able to host any file type, though some may require additional work to display. Very large files or those which require a specific program to be viewed should be noted when submitting.
  • All submissions are subject to copyright and we will work with creators to determine an appropriate way to publish or share works.
  • We accept submissions which require restricted access and will work with creators to determine appropriate restrictions.
  • The University of Denver does not require a transfer of copyright for any submissions to Digital Commons @ DU. Previously published works are shared with permissions from the copyright holder. Copyrights in works published by the University of Denver through Digital Commons @ DU are held by the authors and licences are chosen at the authors' discretion.
  • The University of Denver does not hold copyright in published journals or conferences. Individual journals and conferences determine their own copyright policies. The University of Denver permanently retains archival copies of all journals and conferences hosted by or published on Digital Commons @ DU.

Types of Works Collected or Published

  • Articles - Working Papers - Copies of Published Articles
  • Books - Book Chapters - Book Series
  • Conference Papers - Presentations - Posters
  • Technical Reports - White Papers
  • Data Sets - Research Materials and Supporting Documentation - Collected Works of Research Centers and Institutes
  • Classroom Materials - Syllabi - Homework Sets - Course Packets
  • Open Educational Resources - Open Textbooks
  • Class Projects - Student Publications - Honors Papers
  • Dissertations - Doctoral or Masters Projects - Theses - Capstones - Recitals
  • Recordings of Theatrical or Musical Productions - Oral Histories - Audio/Visual Projects
  • Image Collections - Artwork - Exhibits - 3D Models
  • Journals - Conferences - Newsletters - Serial Publications
  • Not listed? Contact dig-commons@du.edu to discuss your ideas.

New works may be submitted to dig-commons@du.edu. Please note, we will ask you fill out a submission form.

For information on establishing new collections for your department or research group, please contact your Subject Librarian.

To learn more about Institutional Repositories, please visit our IR research page.