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Summer 2009


The Human Security Index for Colombia (HSIC) is a quantitative analysis of the most pressing concerns facing the nation. An introduction and demographic depiction outlining relevant historical events is included to better explain how Colombia has progressed into its current state. Research compiled by the government and other official sources is used to explore both the social welfare and physical safety of all Colombians. Issues surrounding the domestic conflict as well as nonviolent concerns are dually mentioned, and data is broken down by department to depict the regions of concern. Two sub-indices were constructed and intentionally separated, as they are the results of separate policy efforts. To further analyze policy option(s), these indicators must be individually approached. Yet showing the results of these separate issues side by side demonstrates varying rates of progress and highlights areas that need to be addressed. The authors have attempted to construct a definition of human security and a subsequent index that envelope as many concerns that face Colombia today. Previously constructed indices have used universal indicators or have simply focused on the affects of Colombia’s domestic conflict. This index was designed as a comprehensive document, with the intent of analyzing the full spectrum of human security in Colombia. The concluding results demonstrate an improvement to social welfare, yet depicts an overall decrease in human security at the national level. The results by department lack both homogeneity and any regional pattern. The concluding results indicate that efforts to improve human security should be approached from the local level instead of macro, national policies.