Pollock Is … Crouching in My Pants”: Claes Oldenburg’s Ray Gun as Feminist Critique of the Abstract Expressionist Ego

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Masters Research Paper

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School of Art and Art History, College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences

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M. E. Warlick


Claes Oldenburg 1929-, Criticism and interpretation, Abstract expressionism, Modernism


The “seminal” piece of Claes Oldenburg’s Ray Gun art is Empire (Papa) Ray Gun (1959), a paper maché sculpted gun resembling an erect phallus and swollen testicles. After Empire (Papa) Ray Gun, Oldenburg defined Ray Gun art as anything with a right angle—a form representing the angle at which a handgun’s barrel and handle meet and/or where the erect penis and hanging testicles meet. The forms and tenants of Ray Gun continued into Oldenburg’s later installations, performances, and soft and monumental sculptures.

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