A Study of the Martyrdom Altarpiece

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Masters Research Paper

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School of Art and Art History, College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences

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Scott B. Montgomery


Alabaster sculpture, England, Exhibitions, Altarpieces, Medieval, Sculpture


"This paper will explore an unstudied fifteenth-century English alabaster altarpiece referred to as the Martyrdom Altarpiece. Based on dated and current scholarship, this analysis postulates two scenarios of the object's history. The first scenario postulates the Martyrdom Altarpiece as being commissioned by the Carthusian order. This position is based on stylistic and iconographic readings of the object that correlate with Carthusian analogs. These interpretations are strengthened by documentation sold with the Martyrdom Altarpiece during its 1978 auction sale. Scenario two argues that the Martyrdom Altarpiece's origins are not Carthusian, furthermore suggesting that the object is a composite or truncated piece"

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