Multicultural Education in Clinical Psychology Programs and the Needs of Racial Minority Trainees


Rohini Gupta

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Lavita Nadkarni

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Jennifer Cornish

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Michelle Hanna


Racial minority trainees, Quantitative research, Assessment, Clinical psychology, Doctoral training, Multicultural education, Students of color, Racial minorities


With more racial minorities entering the field of clinical psychology, the training needs of racial minority students in doctoral programs must be considered. Few studies address training in multicultural education from the perspective of racial minority students despite their increasing presence in the field. This may be due to assumptions educators make based on their level of competency in the area of multiculturalism. Thus, the goal of this exploratory study is to help determine the multicultural training needs of racial minorities enrolled in clinical psychology programs. This exploratory study was quantitative and used snowball sampling to survey racial minority trainees in doctoral programs in clinical psychology. Sixty one participants completed the survey. Results indicated that multicultural/diversity classes are valued by racial minority students and are relevant to them. However, the majority of students do not feel challenged, suggesting that their needs are not being fully met. It is recommended that their unique needs be included in the curriculum for multicultural education.

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