The Development of an Intervention Tool to Address Challenges in the Medical Treatment of Children with Autism


Julia Runde

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

First Advisor

Judith Fox

Second Advisor

Kim Gorgens

Third Advisor

Robin Gabriels


Autism, Children, Qualitative research, Adolescents, Children, Anxiety, Intervention, Visual schedules, Pediatrics, Medical


Challenges in treating children with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in medical settings are identified and discussed. Although research supports interventions for children with ASD including positive reinforcement, environmental modification, and visual supports and systems, limited research on the efficacy of these interventions in medical environments and with specific procedures exists. Based on the available intervention literature, this project proposes a picture schedule reinforcement system for use during blood draw procedures for ASD children with diabetes. Future efforts should include increased education for medical providers and health professionals as psychological interventions continue to inform best practices in care for children with ASD in medical settings.

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32 pages

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