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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Courtney Welton-Mitchell

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Judith Fox


HIV possitive, Shame and guilt, Mental health, Southern India


Limited research exists examining shame and guilt among HIV positive populations and across cultural contexts. This study addresses this gap in the literature by considering shame and guilt, and potential associations with mental health symptoms, among a sample of 20 HIV positive women in Southern India. Results indicate that most women experienced high levels of shame and guilt, based on responses to items from an adapted version of the State Shame and Guilt Scale (Marschall, Saftner, & Tangney, 1994). Although correlations were not significant between shame and PTSD or depression, guilt was significantly correlated with both. Future research should focus on more rigorous approaches to adapting this or alterative measures of shame and guilt to a specific cultural context, especially considering the potential clinical utility.

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