Entering the World of Tennis Coaching: Interpersonal Issues in Coach to Coach Interaction

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Mark Aoyagi

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Lyndsay Seewald


Coaching relationship, Professional relationship, Impression management, Representation of self, Qualitative research.


This study explores the interpersonal experiences of novice coaches' in coach to coach interactions. Through in-depth, semi-structured interviews of six tennis coaches who meet the criteria for novice coaches, this study aims to understand social interaction between coaches. Using an interpretivist paradigm this study capture participants' experiences and tried to locate themes throughout their individual experiences. An examination of Goffman's "Presentation of self" (1959), and Hochschild's "Feeling rules" (1979) theories elude to social interaction being understood by all participants. Hence this study tried to capture novice coaches' perception of social interaction, and possible issues arising from lack of interpersonal skills. Potential outcomes of this study include further understanding of coach to coach relationships, practical solutions for coaches and successful relationship building.

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