Implementing a Brief Mindfulness Program: Two Consultants' Experience with a Soccer Team

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Jessica Bartley

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John Parker Tims


Soccer, Mindfulness, Brief, Intervention


The purpose of this case study is to examine two consultants’ work with a division two men’s collegiate soccer team. Specifically, this study details their work with developing, implementing, and facilitating a brief mindfulness-based training program. The current case study reports the different aspects of the experience, including gaining entry, developing a plan, implementing a plan, and reflecting on the experience as a whole. The intervention program was loosely modeled after other mindfulness-based interventions, including the mindful sport performance enhancement (MSPE) program and the mindfulness meditation training for sport (MMTS) program. This study’s program focused on training and enhancing three abilities the authors believe to be central to performance in soccer: attention, awareness, and acceptance. The consultants’ effectiveness was evaluated through the use of formalized evaluations – as well as through conversations and observations throughout the season. In addition, the consultants utilized John’s model of reflection (1994) to report their personal feelings about the experience.

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