Eating Disorders in Multicultural Populations: Etiology, Assessment, and Treatment Recommendations

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Judith Fox

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Fernando Guzman

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Mark Suyeishi


Eating disorders, Multicultural populations


Eating disorders are becoming more prevalent in multicultural populations. African Americans, Latina Americans, and Asian Americans, among others, are all being diagnosed with eating disorders at an increased rate, therefore it is important to have a better understanding of assessment and treatment of the eating disorder within these populations. This paper integrates the research on the etiology of the eating disorder and possible treatment considerations. It also explains how ethnic identity development and experiences of racism and oppression are associated with the development of eating disorders and how to use those factors to aid in the recovery from the disorder. The current diagnostic criteria for an eating disorder is based on Caucasian women, thus a list of diagnostic considerations are also provided to aid clinicians in accurately evaluating this disorder in people of color.

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