United States Olympic Committee Applied Psychophysiology Manual: Biofeedback and Neurofeedback Training for Elite Performers

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Steve Portenga

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Lindsay Thornton


Applied Psychophysiology Externship, United States Olympic Training Center, Psychophysiology training parameters


The purpose of this manual is to document several aspects of the Applied Psychophysiology Externship at the United States Olympic Training Center including role clarification, code of conduct, and psychophysiology training parameters. Training parameters and the rationale behind them were emphasized. The reciprocal relationship between brain and body serves as the foundation of applied psychophysiology training, which operates under the belief that psychological and physiological states can be self­regulated using biofeedback (BF) and neurofeedback (NF). The majority of assessment and intervention research on BF and NF has demonstrated its effectiveness in clinical populations such as patients with attention deficit hyperactivity, sleep, seizure, addiction, anxiety, and depressive disorders (Thornton, 2012; Arns, de Ridder, Strehl, Breteler, & Coenen, 2009; Hammer, Colbert, Brown, & Ilioi, 2011; Tan, Thornby, Hammond, Strehl, Canady, Arnemann, & Kaiser, 2009; Scott, Kaiser, Othmer, & Siderodd, 2005; Wenck, Leu, & D’Amato, 1996; Karavidas, Lehrer, Vaschillo, Vaschillo, Marin, Buyske, Malinovsky, Radvanski, & Hassett, 2007). However, BF and NF training can also be used to further enhance the psychological and physiological functioning in healthy, non­clinical populations such as athletes (Gruzelier, Egner, & Vernon, 2006). This manual summarizes and applies the current applied psychophysiology research to the elite athlete population at the United States Olympic Training Center and provides guidance for externs in the department.

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