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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Ragnar Dene Storaasli

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Terri M. Davis

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James Langley


Cinematherapy, Inside Out, Film therapy, Psychotherapy, ACT, Intersubjective theory


Since its release in 2015, the Disney/Pixar film "Inside Out" has received widespread critical and commercial acclaim. Despite the film's basis in established psychological theories, little has been published regarding its clinical applicability, particularly for adolescent and adult clients in traditional talk therapy. Through the use of cinematherapy, a deeper examination of the film is offered, and suggestions for treatment use are provided. Via the lens of modern psychodynamic (Intersubjectivity) and behavioral (ACT) techniques, this paper offers diverse options for integrating "Inside Out" in psychotherapy and proves that it contains clinical applicability for a wide range of practitioners.

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