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Doctoral Research Paper

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Judith Fox

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John McNeill

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Jana Bolduan Lomax


Latino, Behavioral health, Integrated primary care


Limited research exists examining the effectiveness of an integrated primary care model of behavioral health service delivery among the Latino population. This descriptive pilot study addresses this gap in the literature by exploring the mechanisms that influence whether Latino integrated primary care patients who receive a Warm Hand-Off (WHO) will or will not pursue further Behavioral Health Services (BHS). Participants were recruited from Clinica Tepeyac, an integrated primary care clinic located in Denver, Colorado. Results showed that the majority of participants engaged in BHS at the suggestion of their medical provider, as opposed to initiating BHS involvement by their own accord. Additionally, participants overwhelmingly indicated that having a behavioral health provider (BHP) that was Latino/a was somewhat important to very important. Future research should focus on more rigorous approaches to exploring ways to facilitate transition from WHOs to further BHS participation for patients that identify as Latino within an integrated primary care setting.

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