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Doctoral Research Paper

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Nicole Taylor

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Lavita Nadkarni

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Jana Bolduan Lomax


Implementation, Cancer, Distress screening, Psychotherapy outcomes, Clinical training, Community psychology


There is limited research examining the overall distress levels of cancer patients and caregivers longitudinally, as well as how to best implement distress surveys into a general community clinic. This study had two aims: (1) To implement surveys in a community-based clinic that serves cancer patients and their family members; and (2) To gain an understanding of the outcome of psychotherapy. The study included 15 participants—eight patients and seven student therapists—over a five-month period in the Center for Oncology Psychology clinic. Patients and therapists were matched in dyads. Surveys were provided to patients at three time points. Additionally, an outcome measure was provided to patients and the student therapist to fill out at the end of the fifth session. While the number of participants precluded the study from producing statistically significant data, the study accomplished its primary objective by implementing the surveys. The study generated several findings. It found that distress and depressive symptoms decreased over the course of psychotherapy. From the outcome measure, the findings indicate that, overall, patients were extremely satisfied with the psychotherapy being provided. Student therapists, however, were less satisfied with the psychotherapy they provided. The results indicate that the study successfully implemented surveys into a community-based clinic. Further, the findings demonstrate that providing psychological services at a community clinic led to reduced levels of depression and anxiety and patients reported being extremely satisfied with numerous aspects of their psychological treatment.

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