Male Expressions of Anger in a Clinical Context: A Case Study

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Doctoral Research Paper

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Laura Meyer

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Brian Beaumund

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Jamie Shapiro


Male anger, Intersubjectivity


The purpose of this doctoral paper is to examine male expressions of anger in a non-therapeutic (public) setting through the lens of intersubjective theory. As a clinician nearing the end of my doctoral training, I have experienced countless instances of expressions of anger from male clients, both subtle and covert (especially in the cases of passive aggressive behavior) or more overtly aggressive. I have found it difficult to deal with these instances and have found myself devoting a great deal of time to understanding and finding a way to respond empathically to such expressions of anger. Much of this has been done through supervision with more seasoned clinicians and also with my fellow classmates and colleagues. I have also spent significant time pursuing outside sources and research, often re-engaging with material that was presented in clinical courses, so that I could start to more fully understand how my male clients had come to be this way, and how I might use that understanding in treatment.

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