Co-creation of Cross-cultural Supervision from a Lens of lntersubjective Systems Theory: Recommendations for Asian International Students in Supervision

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Doctoral Research Paper

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Fernand Lubuguin

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Judith E. Fox

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Rohini Gupta

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Tatsiana I. Razzhavaikina


International students, Supervision, Intersubjective systems theory


Supervision is a crucial part of professional development and it can be complicated when supervisor and supervisee have different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. However, research on cross-cultural supervision of international students is limited and there is no conceptual or theoretical discussion on supervising this population from a lens of intersubjective systems theory. It is my belief that culturally competent supervision is a product of the co-constructed supervisor-supervisee relationship. The intersubjective approach to supervision is a collaborative venture of supervisors and supervisees, which is compatible to Asians’ cultural value of interdependence or we-relationship. This doctoral research project will address unique challenges that Asian international students often experience, such as language barriers, experiences of racism, relational disconnection, and cultural differences. In addition, I will describe issues related to cross-cultural supervision. I will also describe intersubjective systems theory and discuss the applicability of this theory as a supervision model for Asian international students. Finally, I will provide a list of recommendations grounded in the current literature review and intersubjective system theory.

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