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Doctoral Research Paper

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Michael Karson

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Peter Buirski

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Risa Muchnick


Learning, Relationship, Craft, Practice, Teaching, Developmental, Status, Dynamic


Becoming a psychologist is founded on supervision, the practice of learning the craft by doing the craft under the watchful eye of an expert. Becoming a black belt in martial arts is based on a similar principle of endless practice with the guidance of a master. How a teacher, supervisor, or sensei navigates the relationship with their student is crucial to the student’s ability to arrive at mastery of the craft. Methods for creating an appropriate and effective teacher/student relationship are explored by examining parallels between teaching practices used by karate teachers, and teaching practices used by graduate-level supervisors. Relevant learning and relational concepts are reviewed, relevant terminology in martial arts and psychology training are established, then six shared practices are explored. Considerations for teachers and students about how to approach teaching and learning the psychology craft are provided.

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