An Introductory Course on Autism Spectrum Disorder for Graduate Training in Clinical Psychology

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Doctoral Research Paper

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Tracy Vozar, Ph.D.

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Peter Buirski, Ph.D.

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Michelle Novotny, Psy.D.


Autism spectrum disorder, Graduate training, Clinical psychology

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This paper focuses on the development of a graduate level clinical psychology course on autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The paper will first provide introductory information on ASD that is relevant to the development of the course, then it will outline the structure of the course itself, will transition into the experience of this author designing and presenting a guest lecture on ASD, and will end with this author discussing the experience as a whole. The proposed course is only one suggested manner in which this essential material on autism spectrum disorder could be taught to clinical psychology graduate students, and it is necessarily influenced by the training, experiences, and beliefs of this author. Despite the personal influence that this course contains, a strong emphasis was placed on considering evidence-based treatment and disseminating the highest quality scientific information available while still fostering a sense of empathy for an underserved and often misunderstood population.


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