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Doctoral Research Paper

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Judith Fox, Ph.D.

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Neil Gowensmith, Ph.D.

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Amy King, Psy.D.


Public stigma, Self-stigma, Therapeutic alliance, Intersubjectivity, Adolescence, ADHD, Trauma

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Public stigma and self-stigma are major factors that impede the seeking of mental health treatment as well as the development of an effective therapeutic alliance. This paper explores the co-creation of stigma dynamics from an intersubjective systems theory lens suggesting these dynamics may play a role for adolescent clients who have experienced significant trauma. Specifically, the potential overlooking and/or misdiagnosis of trauma-related experiences and symptoms often occurring with adolescents diagnosed with ADHD may be contributing to a co-constructed dynamic between the therapist and client to avoid an exploration of trauma that would be experienced as more stigmatizing, more threatening, and more difficult to treat. A clinical vignette is offered to exemplify this co-construction and the potential impact on the therapeutic relationship. Recommendations are then offered in order to prevent possible misdiagnosis and decrease stigma within the therapeutic relationship.


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Theoretical Analysis and Synthesis