Body Acceptance Through Perinatal Intervention: A Group Proposal

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Doctoral Research Paper

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Lynett Henderson Metzger

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Nicole E. Taylor

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Jennifer E. Hettema


Body image, Postpartum, Perinatal, Weight bias, Weight stigma, Body acceptance, Birth outcomes, Medical education, Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, Attachment


Societal weight bias and stigma and body dissatisfaction are known to negatively affect biopsychosocial wellbeing. This paper proposes that the perinatal period is a unique and important time frame for intervention, potentially influencing both maternal and child physical and mental health outcomes. The importance of perinatal intervention for the treatment and prevention of body dissatisfaction and associated concerns are outlined. Evidence-based practices for the treatment and prevention of body dissatisfaction are reviewed and critiqued for lack of multicultural appropriateness. A Perinatal Body Image Group design and suggestions for advocacy based on present findings are provided.

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