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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Fernand Lubuguin

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Ragnar Storaasli

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Marguerite McCormack


Multicultural, Practitioner, Veteran, Military, Civilian


Many mental health practitioners will have therapeutic encounters with veterans at one point or another during the course of their training or career. To meet the therapeutic needs of those who have served or are serving our country through combat or non-combat military service, it is essential that these practitioners are able to provide effective interventions for this population. Effective treatment entails culturally competent care, however, few resources are available to help civilian mental health practitioners become educated about military culture and translate that cultural competence into efficacious treatment. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to respond to the need for civilian mental health practitioners to be able to deliver culturally competent care to a modern military population. Specifically, the Descriptive Psychology methodology of generating a parametric description of military culture with be utilized and applied to Sue & Sue's (2008) guidelines for multicultural counseling competency.


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