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Doctoral Research Paper

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Gwen V. Mitchell

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Sally Spencer-Thomas

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Jamie Shapiro


Suicide, Latino/Latinx, Cultural competence


Latinx individuals are the fastest growing racial/ethnic group in the U.S. and confront numerous challenges living in the U.S. that can impact their mental health. While their overall suicide rates are relatively low compared to non-Hispanic Whites, it is concerning to note suicide rates of Latinx individuals living in the U.S. are significantly higher compared to most countries in Latin America. The predominant approaches to treating suicidal individuals often fail to consider the sociopolitical climate and systemic challenges that exacerbate mental health concerns for Latinx individuals. This paper examines cultural considerations, racial and ethnic identity models, and unique protective and risk factors that should be considered when working with suicidal Latinx individuals. It also reviews emerging theory within the critical suicidology field that considers the intersection between suicide and social justice. Lastly, this paper outlines a set of recommendations for clinicians working with suicidal Latinx individuals that are tailored to meet the unique needs of this population. These recommendations address both cultural and structural considerations for working with suicidal Latinxs.

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