Training in Ethical Psychotherapy Practice with Queer and Trans Populations: A Web-based Training Program Design

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Doctoral Research Paper

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Terri M. Davis

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Nicole E. Taylor

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Daniel Hettleman


LGBTQ+, SGM, Queer, Trans, Ethics, Psychology, Treatment, Training


This doctoral project, Training in Ethical Psychotherapy Practice with Queer and Trans Populations (QTTEP), provides a background in, framework for, and a proof-of-concept model of an online training program. The author identified significant knowledge and skill gaps in ethical mental health care of sexual and gender minority populations and designed a practical application to meet current training needs for those who wish to bring themselves in step with current best practices. QTTEP will aid mental health practitioners in reaching and maintaining best practices in a user-friendly, digestible, online format. QTTEP’s intended audience is licensed and pre-licensed therapists, masters and doctoral level students and instructors, and those providing supervision to student therapists and clinicians. This paper provides background on the impetus for QTTEP, an outline of the anticipated final product, a flow chart of the user’s experience of QTTEP, sample scripts for the proof-of-concept modules, limitations and future directions, and a review of related training programs. Further, it provides a link to the proof-of-concept modules: the Introduction Module and the Supervision Module.

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