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Doctoral Research Paper

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Apryl A. Alexander, Psy.D.

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Kimberly Gorgens, Ph.D.

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David Pyrooz, Ph.D.


Forensics, Adolescents, Gangs, Attachment, Personality, Juvenile delinquency

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Risk factors for juvenile delinquency and gang membership are essentially identical, although only a certain subset of justice-involved youth join gangs. In an attempt to identify factors that differentiate justice-involved youth in gangs from justice-involved youth not in gangs, the present study compared attachment styles and personality traits of 406 detained justice-involved youth, 154 of whom were gang-involved and 252 of whom were not. Results showed no significant differences in personality traits or attachment styles between justice-involved youth in gangs and not in gangs. However, results demonstrated attachment styles and personality traits characteristic of both groups of justice-involved youth.


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Empirical - Quantitative

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