An Inquiry: The Role of Teachers in Psychoeducational Assessments

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Doctoral Research Paper

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Laura Meyer

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Nicole Taylor

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William Sobesky


Psychoeducational assessments, Children, Schools


Psychoeducational assessments evaluate an individual’s functioning within an educational setting. They require the involvement not only of the examinee, but of those invested in the student’s educational and psychosocial development. Teachers, by nature of their profession, play a distinct role in the psychoeducational assessment process. To date, research provides limited insight on teachers’ participation in this process. The present study explored the experiences of teachers with psychoeducational assessments within the specific setting of an independent K-8th grade school in Denver, Colorado, highlighting ways in which the school and psychologists can better support a teacher’s needs during and after a psychoeducational evaluation. Results identified participants’ perspectives on and preferences for assessment related tasks as well as areas for needed support.

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