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Doctoral Research Paper

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Tracy Vozar

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Ambra Born

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Kathryn Barrs


Foster care, Child welfare, Trauma-informed, Trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy, Children's literature, Children's books


This article includes a review of literature relevant to the experiences of children in the foster care system including demographics, trauma and stressful experiences, attachment challenges, and useful interventions. Limited research has been conducted to inform resource tools for children in foster care. The aim of the present study was to create a trauma-informed resource tool for children in the foster care system in the form of a children’s book. A review of children’s books related to foster care yielded four major themes including the importance of mindful language, the need for a resource tool, a focus on safety, and a desire for relatability. To further explore the needs of the foster care population, interviews were conducted with relevant professionals. Major themes of interviews included trauma-related behaviors, routine and structure, useful resources and barriers, systemic challenges of foster care, and communication about foster care. Findings will be utilized to inform the development of a children’s book for the foster care population. Results beyond the focus of the present study are explored for potential future directions.

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