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Doctoral Research Paper

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Kathryn Barrs, Psy.D.

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Jennifer Tippett, Psy.D.

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Jeffrey Ellison, Psy.D.


Neuropsychology, Cancer related cognitive impairment, Breast cancer, CRCI

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Current literature indicates there is still some debate regarding the scope and severity of cancer treatment related cognitive impairment (CRCI), with a wide variety of complex factors contributing to cognitive decline and discrepancies between objective findings and patient self-report. This paper aims to provide guidelines for neuropsychological evaluation, management, and rehabilitation of CRCI in breast cancer patients based on current research. This paper also aims to discuss current research on proposed mechanisms of action for CRCI, the cognitive domains affected in CRCI, and significant bio-psycho-social risk factors impacting CRCI.


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