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Doctoral Research Paper

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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John Holmberg

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Noelle Lefforge

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Amy Van Arsdale


Referrals, Perinatal through 5-years-old, Pediatric


Referrals are an important and underacknowledged component of ethical clinical practice. While clinical care is understandably the core focus for most organizations, effective and efficient referrals can aide in improving client outcomes through successful connections to services, effective use of conjunctive services, and increased trust in mental health and healthcare systems/providers. In addition, improvements in the referral process can serve to decrease undue burden on providers and organizations. This document aims to review the literature on the need for and use of referrals, as well as elements of successful referrals, to inform the development of a referral self-assessment and flow process that can be implemented within clinical settings. In addition, a robust referral list was developed for clinical use based on the findings of this manuscript, whose structure can be adopted and generalized to other clinics.

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