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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Hale Martin

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John McNeil

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Keith Henschen


Assessment, Sport psychology, Therapeutic Assessment

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This paper outlines the history of assessment in sport psychology and provides a summary of controversies and criticisms of psychological testing in athletics that have persisted throughout the development of the field. Such concerns include the use of personality inventories and tests for talent identification, the misuse of tests and related ethical concerns, cultural sensitivity of tests, and debates about the validity and reliability of assessment measures. In spite of these concerns, interest and demand for psychological assessment in sport remains. Therapeutic Assessment, an emerging but not yet well-known model of collaborative psychological assessment, addresses many of these criticisms and limitations and offers the potential to enhance athletic performance as well as promote general psychological well-being of athletes. With increasing calls in the sport psychology literature for interdisciplinary thinking, alternative methodologies, and evidence-based interventions in mind, Therapeutic Assessment is a model that could shift assessment and service delivery in sport psychology.


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