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Motivational interviewing (MI), Oncology


Motivational Interviewing (MI) has been used in a variety of settings starting in substance use and now in medical settings such as primary care and palliative care. The main goal of MI is to address ambivalence around behavior change through values-based client centered conversation. Currently, MI is not known to be used between oncologists, their care teams, and patients when discussing next steps after ending curative treatment. Beginning with a literature review of what Motivational Interviewing is, where it has been useful in the medical field, current gaps in training for oncologists surrounding end of life conversations, and potential benefits for the use of a new tool for providers, this paper then proposes the novel implementation of MI in follow up appointments to help resolve ambivalence surrounding having conversations around next steps when curative treatment has ended. Following the proposed process of implementation is a discussion of the potential barriers, special considerations, cultural considerations, ethical considerations, and future research and next steps in the implementation of this novel approach.

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