Building Resilience in Young Black Males: Determining the Factors That Lead to Success for Black Men in America

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Ragnar Storaasli

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Jamie Shapiro

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Frank Tuitt


Black males, Qualitative research, Assessment, Financial success for black men, Career success, Resilience, Success, African American men


It is no secret that Black men have struggled over the years to obtain the same level of high earning financial success as their White counterparts. Black men face an incredible challenge with regard to educational obtainment, career success, and physical health. Black men are often revered as the most dangerous, least educated, and more unhealthy than any other race or gender. This must change. This researcher investigated the lives of eight successful Black men with the hope of determining how they were able to attain their success. The findings of this research suggest that there are several factors that are key contributors in becoming a successful Black man in America. With a greater understanding of how Black men have managed to gain success, despite the obstacles they have faced, it is hopeful that this research will help other Black men reach the level of success that is often desired and seldom realized.

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