Background Correction in Rapid Scan EPR Spectroscopy

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College of Natual Science and Mathematics, Chemistry and Biochemistry


Background, Eddy-currents, External field reversal, Rapid-scan


In rapid scan EPR the rapidly-changing magnetic field induces a background signal that may be larger than the EPR signal. A method has been developed to correct for that background signal by acquiring two sets of data, denoted as scan 1 and scan 2. In scan 2 the external field B0 is reversed and the data acquisition trigger is offset by one half cycle of the scan field relative to the settings used in scan 1. For data acquired with a cross-loop resonator subtraction of scan 2 from scan 1 cancels the background and enhances the EPR signal. Experiments were performed at an EPR frequency of about 258 MHz, which is in the range that is commonly used for in vivo imaging. Samples include nitroxide radicals, a trityl radical, a dinitroxide, and a nitroxide in the presence of a magnetic field gradient. This method has the advantage that no assumption is made about the shape of the background signal, and it provides an approach to automating the background correction.

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