New Spectral–spatial Imaging Algorithm for full EPR Spectra of Multiline Nitroxides and pH Sensitive Trityl Radicals

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College of Natual Science and Mathematics, Chemistry and Biochemistry


Magnetic field gradients, Nitroxide, pH sensitive trityl, Spectral–spatial imaging, Rapid scan EPR


An algorithm is derived and demonstrated that reconstructs an EPR spectral–spatial image from projections with arbitrarily selected gradients. This approach permits imaging wide spectra without the use of the very large sweep widths and gradients that would be required for spectral–spatial imaging with filtered back projection reconstruction. Each projection is defined as the sum of contributions at the set of locations in the object. At each location gradients shift the spectra in the magnetic field domain, which is equivalent to a phase change in the Fourier-conjugate frequency domain. This permits solution of the problem in the frequency domain. The method was demonstrated for 2D images of phantoms consisting of (i) two tubes containing 14N and 15N nitroxide and (ii) two tubes containing a pH sensitive trityl radical at pH 7.0 and 7.2. In each case spectral slices through the image agree well with the full spectra obtained in the absence of gradient.

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