Scholarship created by the faculty of the University of Denver's Department of Counseling Psychology.


Submissions from 2022


Effect of Computer-assisted Cognitive Behavior Therapy vs Usual Care on Depression Among Adults in Primary Care: A Randomized Clinical Trial, Jesse H. Wright, Jesse J. Owen, Tracy D. Eells, Becky F. Antle, Laura B. Bishop, Renee Girdler, Lesley M. Harris, R. Brent Wright, Michael J. Wells, Rangaraj Gopalraj, Michael E. Pendleton, and Shehzad Ali

Submissions from 2019

Construction and Validation of the Multicultural Orientation Inventory-group Version, D. Martin Kivlighan, Marie C. Adams, Joanna M. Drinane, Karen W. Tao, and Jesse J. Owen

Social Cognitive Predictors of Engineering Students’ Academic Persistence Intentions, Satisfaction, and Engagement., Rachel L. Navarro, Lisa Y. Flores, John-Paul Legerski, Julio Brionez, Sarah F. May, Han Na Suh, Diana R. Slivensky, Feather Tapio, Hang-Shim Lee, Patton O. Garriott, Heather K. Hunt, Cerynn D. Desjarlais, Bo-Hyun Lee, David Diaz, Jiajia Zhu, and Ae-Kyung Jung

Treatment-as-Usual for Couples: Trajectories Before and After Beginning Couple Therapy, Jesse Owen, Galena K. Rhoades, Scott M. Stanley, Howard J. Markman, and Elizabeth S. Allen

Submissions from 2018

Dissemination of Computer-assisted Cognitive-behavior Therapy for Depression in Primary Care, Becky F. Antle, Jesse J. Owen, Tracy D. Eells, Michael J. Wells, Lesley M. Harris, Amy Cappiccie, Brent Wright, Sara M. Williams, and Jesse H. Wright


Utilization of Telehealth Technology in Addiction Treatment in Colorado, J. Michael Faragher, Ying Shan Doris Zhang, Virginia Low, Demi Folds, and Mita Johnson

Sensitivity and Specificity of the Ohio State University Traumatic Brain Injury Identification Method to Neuropsychological Impairment, Nicole Glover, Kim Gorgens, Marybeth Lehto, Laura Meyer, Judy Dettmer, and Jennifer Gafford

A Randomized Controlled Study of Writing Interventions on College Women’s Positive Body Image, Kathryn Schaefer Ziemer, Brooke R. Lamphere, Trisha L. Raque-Bogdan, and Christa K. Schmidt

Submissions from 2017

Surviving and Thriving: Voices of Latina/o Engineering Students at a Hispanic serving Institution, Patton O. Garriott, Rachel L. Navarro, Lisa Y. Flores, Hang-Shim Lee, Ayli Carrero Pinedo, Diana Slivensky, Melissa Muñoz, Ruben Atilano, Ching-Lan Lin, Rebecca Gonzalez, Laura Luna, and Bo Hyun Lee

Submissions from 2016

Does Gratitude Writing improve the Mental Health of Psychotherapy Clients? Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial, Y. Joel Wong, Jesse J. Owen, Nicole T. Gabana, Joshua W. Brown, Sydney McInnis, Paul Toth, and Lynn Gilman

Submissions from 2015

Assessing the Influence of Obesity on Longitudinal Executive Functioning Performance in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome, Chelsea A. Hilsendager, Duan Zhang, Cynthia McRae, and Mark Aloia

The Work Life and Career Development of Young Breast Cancer Survivors, Trisha L. Raque-Bogdan, Mary Ann Hoffman, Amanda C. Ginter, Sarah Piontkowski, Kelci Schexnayder, and Rachel White