Undecided is a big band ballad that features the baritone saxophone. It was written by Quinn Dymalski for his senior recital at the University of Denver, and was premiered on March 2nd, 2020. While the inspiration for this work comes from the styles of modern big band artists such as Quincy Jones, the harmony displays a romantic twist; seventh chords and suspensions like that of a Chopin Nocturne appear when the saxes enter at measure thirteen. The following choral-like figures written for the brass build a dramatic intensity only for the texture to be stripped down to solo bari sax and rhythm section, returning to a more classic jazz combo feel. The title comes from the darker timbre presented in this composition and is meant to convey the feeling one has when making a difficult decision. You can find a recording of this piece on the YouTube channel "Quinn Dymalski," under the playlist "The Quinny D. Big Band."

Listen at https://youtu.be/gn2pUF8Rnms

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