Cyber-physical-social Systems: The State of the Art and Perspectives

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Transportation, Automation, Social computing, Social network services, Complex systems, Big Data

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Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering


This paper is to discuss the state, trend, and frontiers of development of cyber-physical-social systems (CPSSs) in China. The demand for developing CPSS is discussed in detail, followed by the Artificial societies, Computational experiments, Parallel execution (ACP) approach for CPSS and knowledge automation. The development of ACP based on CPSS in transportation, energy, information, Internet of Things, and Internet of Minds (IoM) is discussed to demonstrate the cutting-edge applications in CPSS. Finally, the blockchainized IoM technology and the concepts of parallel society are described. This paper will contribute to the transition from the current social construct to a futuristic intelligent society.

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