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Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science, Mechanical and Materials Engineering

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Mohammad Matin, Ph.D.

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Matthew Gordon

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Yun Bo Yi

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Vijaya Narapareddy


Finite difference time domain, Nanoprism, Optical properties, Optiwave, Plasmonic, Simulation


Gold and silver has gained huge attention across the scientific community for its applications arising from its plasmonic properties. The optical properties achieved by these materials via excitation of plasmons is very unique to these materials and used as diagnostic and therapeutic agents in the field of medicine, and as sensors in a gamut of disciplines such as energy and environmental protection to name a few. Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) properties of the gold and silver are size and shape dependent. Of the various shapes reported in literature, triangular nanoprisms has tunable optical properties in the visible and near IR region by manipulating the structural features such as thickness, edge length, and morphology of tip. To understand the effect of these parameters on dipole surface plasmon resonance we have constructed triangular silver nanoprism and sandwich of gold and triangular nanoprism using Optiwave FDTD. Silver triangular nanoprism has exhibited blue shift on introduction of truncation and the blue shift continued further with depth of truncation. Similar observations were made for increase in thickness of nanoprism. In contrast, increase in edge length of the nanoprism has introduced a blue shift in dipole surface plasmon resonance. Coupling of gold and silver as sandwich with a dielectric material has introduced two plasmon resonance peaks in the visible and near IR region. In contrast to individual silver triangular nanoprism, increasing the edge length and thickness of gold and silver has introduced a red shift. Interestingly, thickness of the dielectric layer controls the wavelength of the dipole plasmon resonance of metals in the sandwich and its strength.

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Nanotechnology, Nanoscience