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Morgridge College of Education

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Franklin A. Tuitt, Ph.D.

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Samuel Museus

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William Cross

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Nicholas Cutforth


Campus environments, Faculty of color, Faculty of color at predominantly white institutions, Racially minoritized faculty, Racially minoritized faculty success, Relevant and affirming environments


Despite existing and emerging research on the experiences of racially minoritized faculty members in the academy, little scholarship addresses how Predominantly White Institutions (PWIs) cultivate campus environments that support the success of racially minoritized faculty members. Utilizing the Culturally Engaging Campus Environments (CECE) model as the theoretical framework to inform the design and implementation of this inquiry, this qualitative study provided an in depth understanding about what aspects of campus environments contributed to racially minoritized faculty succeeding in the academy. Specifically, a phenomenological approach allowed participants to share their everyday lived experiences through one-on-one interviews. A total of twelve racially diverse tenured faculty members' from six institutions in Colorado participated in the study and offered their perspectives on how institutional values, policies and practices impacted their success. Findings from this study are presented within eight themes that suggest that when campus environments consider and acknowledge the diverse backgrounds, identities and experiences of racially minoritized faculty, they are more likely to feel welcomed and succeed at PWIs. Further, the study offers five key elements for institutions to consider when developing relevant and affirming campus environments for racially minoritized faculty. Implications of study findings offer new ways to foster support for racially minoritized faculty members in the academy. This study is significant for racially minoritized faculty members and institutional leaders.

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